Employee Representative Council

Our Employee Representative Council (ERC) is a forum for Lakehouse employees to share their opinions and ideas about the business.

Through their representatives on the Council, employees can provide views on company policies, raise questions about new regulations, give feedback on the front line services we provide, and influence the future direction of our business.

Employee representatives receive training for their role that guides them on making the Council an effective forum for employee consultation and engagement. They are also trained in Lakehouse policies and procedures, employment legislation, case law and employment tribunals to enable them to represent individual employees in disciplinary or grievance hearings, if requested.

The leadership team at Lakehouse actively encourages the ERC to gather feedback and input from employees about the business as it gives them full insight into the challenges and opportunities at the front line of the business.

The ERC provides ideas, feedback and comments directly to the Board.

Join the Lakehouse team
Join the Lakehouse team