Foster focuses on contracts with regional social landlords and local authorities in East Anglia and the East Midlands.

Foster has a focus on building relationships and being able to compete effectively for new work, with a regional base frequently seen by clients as a prerequisite when deciding on contract awards.

All Foster staff are expert in working in occupied buildings, and go above and beyond to ensure that they deliver polite, prompt and people-friendly work. We employ resident liaison officers who actively engage with tenants, keeping them up to date with the progress of work throughout the duration of our contract. Often these contracts last for several years and staff update thousands of homes and many more thousand appliances, fittings and fixtures.

With operations across East Anglia, in Wisbech, Norwich and Needham Market, and now as far north as Grantham, our customer response centre is able to respond to client requirements and take rapid action when needed, never being further than 30 minutes away from a call.

Our rapid response service, along with general maintenance and voids services, is a core part of our business.