We provide our regeneration and refurbishment services for social housing on a one-off contract basis and as part of ongoing framework agreements that specify a continuous cycle of maintenance.

We work with our customers to determine the design of our services, based on the needs of residents, the environmental circumstances and cost and time requirements. We play an active role engaging with resident representative groups to ensure our projects cause minimum disruption and meet residents' expectations.

A significant part of our service is project managing delivery and ongoing resident liaison. Whether we are delivering new kitchens, bathrooms, roofs or flooring, we are mindful of individual circumstances including health needs, working hours, cultural preferences and childcare arrangements.

Engaging with residents and resident representative groups is a core part of our service.

Property services contact

For further information on our Property services offering please contact Tony Rogers, Managing Director of Property Services on:

Tel: 07734 961 117
Email: marketing@lakehouse.co.uk